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Objectives and Key Results. Sounds simple, no?

I mean, we're all familiar with the concept of objectives. It's part of our life. Every year on the 1st of January we usually set our objectives for the year: "This year I'm gonna finish university". Or "this year I'm saving money to buy the car I've always wanted".

How about key results? What are those?

Well, let's go back to the dream car. Let's say your balance in your bank account right now is zero. Your net income is, say, 2000 (your favourite currency here), you spend 1000 on bills and the…

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Jordi was born in Spain (or in Catalonia, depending on who you ask). Faizan was born in Pakistan. Jordi is a bit hyperactive, is always jumping from one topic to the next one while keeping a perfect balance between them in his head. Faizan looks more relaxed on the outside, but as you start talking to him, those million ideas being processed at the same time soon come to the surface. Jordi is a loving father, always caring for "los niños". Faizan can't stand being away from his blue-eyed jewel.

Jordi is my current team lead in ThoughtWorks, and I…

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Hace algunas semanas decidí tomar un avión a Brasil y así evitar estar confinado en un piso pequeño en Barcelona por tiempo indefinido. Al contrario de lo que me esperaba, los primeros 10 días en la casa de mis padres no fueron fáciles. Pero lo hemos logrado.

Una vez que las cosas se habían calmado un poco, me pareció apropiado celebrar todo lo que teníamos de bueno en nuestra vida, a pesar de la pandemia. Igualmente me hacía ilusión tener una conversación con mis padres sobre cómo cultivar los comportamientos que nos habían hecho más fuertes y unidos. …

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Two weeks ago I decided to jump into a flight to Brazil and avoid being locked down in a small apartment until further notice. Despite my expectations, the first 10 days at my parents house in Brazil were not the easiest. But we made it.

As things started to smoothen, I thought it was about time we celebrated all the good things in our life, despite the pandemic. And I also wanted to have a conversation with my parents about how to cultivate the behaviors that kept us strong and united. …

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When Coronavirus started hitting Spain hard, I was unsure about what to do next: should I go to Brazil and stay with my parents? What if I infected them? After all, I can stay home for 2 weeks and work in an uncomfortable chair… right?

When I started reading rumors about the lockdown lasting longer than the initial 2 weeks, there was not much left to think about. Two days later I bought a last minute ticket and jumped into an airplane to Rio.

Home sweet… what the hell is happening here?

When I got home, my mom was going head over heels. She'd established strict protocols for…

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What’s my team’s purpose? Why do we do what we do?

Over these last 2 weeks of January I'm switching to a new team here in Barcelona. Still the same account, about the same responsibilities, but a lot of change for both myself and the team I was about to join.

And we found ourselves asking those 3 questions. A lot is about to change and there's an expressive amount of uncertainty. What's this new team's supposed to do? What differentiates this new group of people from other teams working for the same client?

This is how we found out.

Why coming up with a mission statement?

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What should I do now? Should I stop everything I'm doing and react to this incident? What can I delegate to whom? When can I find time to code?

Many people, from different countries and different cultures ask the same questions. As a matter of fact, this questioning is not even recent. People in leadership position have been asking themselves the same kind of questions.

Ok, maybe not everyone in a leadership position in the world is looking for time to code, but the underlying question is the same: how do I find time to work on things that give…

Organizar uma viagem a Machu Picchu não é difícil. As informações estão todas na internet. E o problema é que elas estão espalhadas pela internet inteira! Juntar tanta informação para planejar uma viagem pode ser um pouco demorado.

A Paloma, minha gerente do banco, estava passando pelo mesmo problema: quer visitar mas não tem tempo de pesquisar tudo. Esse guia expresso é pra te ajudar a planejar mais rápido sua viagem.

Pra qual aeroporto eu compro a passagem?

Há uns 5 anos atrás, eu decidi sair do Brasil, por diversos motivos que (acho) não valem ser repetidos.

Eu tinha uma vida estável: concursado na Petrobras, bom salário, morando num bom apartamento em Laranjeiras. Se eu me arrependo? Todo santo dia, mas por não tê-lo feito antes.

Não fosse essa decisão, eu jamais seria a pessoa que sou hoje. Mais tolerante a diferenças, mais aberto, (bem) menos estressado, ciente da importância de liberdades individuais.

Esse post não é sobre as coisas ruins que me aconteceram nesses 4 anos, mas sobre como Berlim me fez uma pessoa melhor e conquistou…

Azer is one the most interesting people I've met at Outfittery. His smooth voice and calm manners always make it a pleasure to talk to him. The way he talks about where he came from and his family… You never leave a conversation with him feeling the same way you entered it.

As we were having cake and champagne to celebrate Outfittery's brand re-enlivenment, he asked me to write about what I find important in my relationship with PO's, what are my expectations both as a developer and a tech lead, my do's & dont's. …

Felipe Carvalho

SW Engineer @ ThoughtWorks

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